Blue Crayon in Gray Circle Occupational Therapists & Physical Therapists

Therapists provide services for students with disabilities who require occupational therapy and physical therapy as a related service to benefit from special education services.

To contact an OT or PT via email, use this formula:
firstinitiallastname  then the @ symbol followed by nlsec.org


Colleen Fasnacht  Cromwell-Wright and McGregor
Joselyn Rhein Lake Superior, NLA
Haley Bryant Esko (Birth to 1st grade), Hermantown
Jamie McDonald Cloquet, Carlton, Wrenshall
Ashley Omar Barnum, Moose Lake, Willow River
Mindy DeLacey Esko (2nd grade to 21 years) and Proctor


Ashley Allen Carlton, Cromwell, McGregor, Wrenshall
Britni Jackson  Barnum, Esko (B-2), Hermantown, Moose Lake, Willow River
Kristi Just Cloquet, Esko (3 & above), Lake Superior, NLA, Proctor


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