NLSEC Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists:


Colleen Fasnacht [email protected] Cromwell-Wright, Hermantown Middle and High School, McGregor, Proctor all schools except birth to 3 years
Joselyn Rhein [email protected] Lake Superior, NLA
 Haley Bryant [email protected] Carlton, Esko, Hermantown birth to grade 4, Proctor birth to 3 years old
Jamie McDonald [email protected] Cloquet, Wrenshall
Ashley Omar [email protected] Barnum, Moose Lake, Willow River


Britni Jackson  [email protected] Barnum, Esko (1/2), Hermantown, Moose Lake, Willow River
Kristi Just [email protected] Cloquet, Esko (1/2), Lake Superior, NLA, Proctor
Katie Moench   Carlton, Cromwell, McGregor, Wrenshall


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