2018-19 Communications

October 2018

1) Monitoring

    2) Due Process Paperwork Nights (4pm-7pm) -capped at 10 participants, bring a device

    • Oct. 23
    • Jan. 17
    • Mar. 20
    • May 20
    3) Paraprofessional Training:  January 21, 2019

    4) Secondary Transition

    November 2018

    1) December 1st Child Count

    • Initial IEP meetings need to be held and have signature to count for Dec. 1st child count.
    • Student must have a valid IEP less than 1 years old
    • Student must have a current Special Education Evaluation less than 3 years old
    • Student must have an active IEP and receiving services on Dec. 1st
    • ***Change forms need to be completed, so that the MARSS coordinator is aware*** 

    2) Due Process "How To's" Guides and Checklists Quick Link added.

    NLSEC Home page

    3) Goal Writing Templates

    4) Steps for amending an existing IEP 

    January 2019 

    1) Upcoming Trainings  
    • January 17 Due Process Paperwork Night 4:00-8:00 PM @ NLSEC Conference Room
    • January 23 Transition Workshop 8:30 AM-3:30 PM @ NLSEC Conference Room -
    • January 24 Data Collection Workshop 8-11:30 AM -or- 12-3:30 PM @ Garfield Board Room, Cloquet Schools Admin Building.  

    2) Please allow time for a response to questions and give lead time if you’d like help facilitating meetings (More than 24 hours).

    MDE File Review - Next Steps... MDE Self Review Memo

    March/April 2019

    1) Sped Forms updates 

    • Federal Setting second date
    • Part B PWN (July 1) - Screen shots of new PWN
    • Sped Forms ER Templates - moving Summary, Needs, Adaptations/Modifications and Eligibility to top (July 1)   *NLSEC Templates no change!

    2) Monitoring Updates

    3) Extended School Year-Start looking at data or other areas to qualify for ESY

    • Coop ESY Data Form
    • IEP changes to reflect yes or no
    • Get information to your District ESY Administrator
    • See a Coordinator with other questions
    • Detailed email from Heidi

    4) Birth to 2 Summer Services

    5) NLSEC is still looking to fill the ASD position.  Be mindful of requests to Jill Pring.

    • ASD Consultant
    • Exhaust the resources of your school team including any licensed staff in your district and your school psychologist
    • Then ask your NLSEC coordinator before requesting support of Jill

    6) Graduation Protocols