November 2017

This was information distributed at CST meetings:

1) December 1st Child Count (handout)

2) Sharing information with other districts

  • Steps for enrolling a new student with an IEP (handout)
  • Reminder districts can (and certified staff should if it’s a difficult case) share information from district to district without a release
  • Medical records cannot be transferred because the medical release is district specific
  • Paper retention of records is based on district policy for data retention.  All that would be required for paperwork would be an IEP, PWN/Consent, Evaluation, Plan/Consent

3) CPS Referrals from Help Me Grow (refer to Jessica Brown with questions)

  • If a child is under investigation for child protective service, CPS is mandated to refer to Help Me Grow. Parents can still opt out of that process, but it is the district’s duty to act on the referral whether through screening or evaluation.
  • Include sample letter to use a script when making the phone call to parents/letter

4) Highlights from the new website:  Re-bookmark new site as the old is not re-directing properly. 

5) SpEd Forms updates:  handout and video on Google or YouTube (4 minutes) - no major updates.

6) NLA Referral Process-coordinator involvement, Setting 3, referral packet - on NLA Website.

7) File review - Blue File Format